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Discrete smart safety jewellery that lets you contact your loved ones at the touch of a button.


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Smart Safety Jewellery

That Allows You To

Live Life Fearlessly


BOLD is a smart wearable device that gifts its user the peace of mind of knowing that their loved ones are just a button press away. It is a panic button disguised as jewellery with hidden GPS functionality to pinpoint the user’s location ONLY when they want. It’s one button design lets the wearer discretely send an SMS message to up to five pre-defined ‘safe contacts’.

BOLD has been designed from the ground up to be the best smart safety jewellery device for women!

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How It Works

Share Your Location At The Press Of A Button

BOLD Isn’t like a conventional Bluetooth tracker, instead it uses the latest IoT technology to operate without a mobile phone. So if your phone dies, gets lost or is stolen, BOLD will still work! its contemporary metal pendant design also means it looks just like any other piece of jewellery, and discretely blends in with what you wear everyday. With our range of accessories you can even wear it as a bracelet around your wrist, as a necklace, or even on a key chain. Making it one of the most versatile smart safety wearables.

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Press Once

Press the button once to send your location and a text saying ‘watch over me’ when you’re walking home from work to have the peace of mind that someone is keeping an eye on you.



Press Twice

Double tap the button to send your location and a text saying ‘Give me a call in ten minutes’ if you’re in an uncomfortable situation and want a friend to check in on you.

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Press and Hold

Pressing and holding the button sends your location and a text saying ‘Send help immediately!’ to let your safe contacts know that you’re in trouble and need help right away!



 Peace Of Mind Just For You



BOLD Looks like a normal piece of jewellery so only you know its there

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No Phone Required

No Bluetooth connection or phone required, BOLD will work anywhere with NB-IoT coverage

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Subscription Free

With data built in, you only pay once, with no monthly fees required

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Unlike most plastic alarms, BOLD’s stylish minimalist shape, fits in with most outfits

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GPS Location

Quickly share your location with built in GPS




Your Choice Your Colour

BOLD Smart Safety Jewellery


 Blending Fashion and Function to Provide Confidence, Safety, and Connectivity That Encourages All to Live Life Fearlessly!


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